Civics Credentialing Overview

The Civics Credentialing System (CCS)  strengthens our constitutional democracy by establishing a framework that incentivizes democracy-friendly behaviors on the part of citizens candidates, officeholders, and organizations.

Team Democracy

Team Democracy manages the Civics Credentialing System.  Team Democracy brings together Americans of all political perspectives around our shared commitment to the core principles of our constitutional democracy. Our focus is on countering the toxic polarization that has come to dominate political discourse in recent years. We promote and amplify positive messages and actions that underscore the importance of democratic institutions, norms and processes and our shared commitment to free, fair, and inclusive elections.

Team Democracy is a 501(c)3 non-profit

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Key Partners

In order to establish a truly nonpartisan platform for Civics Credentialing, Team Democracy is collaborating with distinguished consortia to define the standards and processes in Civics Credentialing:

Bridging Movement Alignment Council

Listen First Coalition is a consortium of 500 organizations combating toxic division by bringing Americans together.

Bridging Movement Alignment Council (BMAC) is a community of approximately 100 bridging leaders sponsored by Listen First.  BMAC has defined 7 skill-based micro-credentials which will be rolled out during the pilot.

Citizen Connect
(a project of Bridge Alliance)

Citizen Connect is a non-partisan platform hosting more than 500 organizations dedicated to helping Americans right, left, and center, find ways to heal our divides and strengthen our democratic republic.

(a project of iCivics)

CivXNow has formed the nation’s largest cross-partisan Coalition to fuel our constitutional democracy through K-12 civic education.